Personal Training

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The road to Great Health and Increased Energy is easier than you think when you have the proper tools to succeed!

Freedom:  A personal trainer is here to accommodate you. You have the freedom to train anytime, anywhere. A personal trainer will meet you in the privacy of your own home, in your office, or in one of the convenient studio locations.  If you don’t have the fitness equipment, we provide it!

Tailored Program Design: After an initial assessment, an in depth program will be designed specifically for you.  Your personal trainer will help you reach your goals while taking into account your unique strengths, weaknesses, medical history,  and your current fitness level.  Your trainer is there to analyze your movement patterns, provide ongoing support and education, so that you achieve any fitness goal!

Fitness and Health Knowledge:  Your first few sessions will involve exercise breakdown and form. Ongoing counseling is provided to help you reach your goal in a safe and effective way. Once initial exercise technique has been achieved,  your personal  trainer will engage you by finding new challenges, give you new program design, and provide you with ongoing encouragement and  motivation.

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**all personal training sessions may be used for nutrition consultations and customized eating plans

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