“Thank you so much Alicia for all the time you’ve spent with me.  I’ve gained much knowledge and confidence in myself over the course of our time together.  You have given me the tools I need to succeed and reach my goals.  I want to thank you for pushing me harder, for giving me your undivided attention when you were with me and for believing in me when I didn’t think I could do it.  High five for being the best trainer ever!”

“Alicia constantly keeps me engaged.  I continue to be challenged with medical conditions that Alicia always finds ways to work around.  Everyone has difficult days at times, however, with Alicia you would never know.  I am always the most important focus when we get together.  She is a true professional always keeping her clients’ interests in mind.”

“Alicia, thank you so much. I appreciate your patience.  It couldn’t have been much fun listening to me whine and complain.  You’re so dedicated that you wouldn’t give up on me.  You changed the programs over and over again until I actually started enjoying myself and looking forward to each session!  You were able to make fitness fun! Thank you so much for your ongoing dedication. See you on Monday!”

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